Pilgrim & Sponsor Forms

Below are our applications.  The pilgrim application is a separate form from the sponsor form. Left click on the link to download and save the form to your own computer, or just click on it and it will load in another window.  Print the form out for your pilgrim, or email them a saved copy of the form.

You can type in the information on your computer, then print it out with all the information typed in.  The only items you cannot type in are signature lines.  You need to print the application after you fill in all the fields.  It will not save the file to your computer with the fields typed in.  A copy of the Sponsor Support form completed by the sponsor needs to be mailed in at the same time as the Walk application, so remember to save a copy of it also!

Pilgrims will get a discount on the cost of their Walk if the forms are received 2 or more weeks before the start of the Walk.  

Click here for the Pilgrim Walk Application

Click here for the Sponsor Support Form

For questions regarding the Pilgrim Walk Application and Sponsor forms, or for more information on the registration process, please contact our Community Registrar Robin Castor at: (308)653-2052 or